Danish startup Pee Fence, a somewhat different startup within the cleantech field, has received new investments and is already planning to join foreign markets after summer, according to Rapidus.

The idea came from students of the Technical University of Denmark. The main aim of the startup is to simplify urinating in public places and during big events. The urinal can be attached with four strips, for example, on a wire fence.

Festivals, such as Roskilde and Distortion, have already been using hundreds of Pee Fence-s with a lot of positive feedback from customers.

According to co-founder Frederik Clausager Vemb Hansen, “our market is primarily festivals, and we want to go beyond Denmark’s borders now. We have received the first inquiries from Germany and England”.

The startup has won the prestigious Danish Design Award for the “Clean Solutions” category. After seeing big potential, business angels started investing into the startup. The Danish Innovation Fund is also financing the salary of the founder.

By manufacturing dispensable Pee Fence-s, the startup will make the product more sustainable and less harmful to the environment.

“Right now there is a lot of logistics with, among other things, transport and cleaning with high pressure spray. We will now use new investments to develop a compostable plastic for Pee Fence, so you can simply throw them away after use – and avoid cleaning”, says Frederik Clausager Vemb Hansen.

The startup is also trying to earn more money through using Pee Fence-s as a platform for advertisements.

Source: Rapidus.