Internet i Fokus is one of largest recurring event for anyone working with web and digital media. It is a comprehensive training day focusing on how business and the web.

This springs event will be a little special. David Klein, organizer of the conference, wants to open it up further for startups and high growth companies. Already at the last event some startups where invited, but now he wants to make it a more integrated part in the event. Therefor a special startups section has been announced, and 30 startups will be selected to have a monter on the conference. There will be special competition for the startups as well, with the winners being presented on the stage.

This is interesting for new startups or startups focusing on B2B costumers, as the participants in the audience will be mostly businessmen at small and medium companies. Here at Øresund Startups we have 5 special price tickets to the conference for startups, if interested send us an email.

The conference includes a large number of speakers, from all things digital:

  • Micke Krona (Malmö högskola)
  • Jennie Hahn Von Dorsche (Telenor)
  • Anders Mildner (Anagram)
  • Kristina Fredlund (Awapatent)
  • Anders Printz (SVT)
  • Daniel Melkersson & Petter Palander (PinMeTo)
  • Jackie Kothbauer (Mediababe)
  • Tereza Franzén (Matter)
  • Charlotte Henriksson (Matter)
  • Ulrika Mebius (Skånetrafiken)
  • Sara Clifton & Per Pettersson (Search Integration)
  • Teddy Landén (Moderator – Constrictor vision)

Topics will be everything from trends, online-services, design, social networking and online-marketing.

Read more here or register over at the eventsite.

When: 25th of march 2014
Where: Palladium, Malmö