This weekend the Malmö Music Hack Weekend was hosted by Maisa Dabus at Minc together with Alex Esser from the startup Tunaspot.

The hackathon, with it’s music focus, was an interesting twist and created some great ideas. The team got big names from the music + tech scene together, and both Spotify, SoundCloud, Neo4j and Sony Mobile participated – as well as Deezer from France and EchoNest all the way from the US.

“We are very happy to be able to put the Øresund’s tech and music scenes on the international map, with many major music and tech companies coming here for the weekend. The vision is to evolve this into a proper music conference during the next few years. Hopefully together with the local startups and the regional innovation organisations.” said an exhausted but happy Alex afterwards.

Crazy & playful hacks

In total 18 teams build hacks. Some where useful – such as webbased party playlists, some very creative, such as music visualisation with LEDs. And some just obscure – such as “dogstep”, which lets you turn music into dog barks….

The main prize winner was the Livecloud hack. A tool for live coding soundcloud app. The team had the best presentation, including live hacking (can be seen in the top video at 11:30). However, all the participants created very creative and interesting services.

You can watch the price ceremony here:

The pitches

All the demos can be found here.

If you want to see all the presentations, the live braodcasting can be seen here:

In this section LiveClouds presentation is at 11:30

Big thanks to Petter Palander from PinMeTo for livestreaming the pitches and making it possible to embed them here.