The Malmö-based Service Company PinMeTo raised capital by SEK 5M (ca. 524000). Among the new investors, who contributed in this increase, are Mårten Öbrink, Anders Berglund and the fashion giant H&M .

For us, it is a quite important deal, not just because of the amount, but also because the competence of our company that attracted them, says Daniel Melkersson, co-founder of PinMeTo.

The company helps other companies to have the right location data in place at grand platforms online. The half of totally SEK 5M has been funded by H&M Co Labs, a subsidiary of H&M.

“Our idea is to go side by side with H&M and to learn how they are working, so that we can optimize dealing with such a big company”, Daniel Melkersson added.

The rest of the amount shall be funded by other private investors. Among the company incubators of similar category is Minc with its executive manager Mårten Öbrink, who embarked a position as technical manager at Orbital Systems.

Another investor in PinMeTo is Anders Berglund, the previous co-founder of the software developer Algotrim, which was sold to Apple four years ago.

Source: 8till5 

Photo: Kajsa-Stina Kalin (8till5)