Digital newsroom provider MyNews receives its first investment and prepares to launch the service Mynewsflash in January 2017, according to DiDigital

MyNews index editorial news and make them accessible for companies so they can integrate relevant news stories into their systems. In other words, MyNews provides a customized newsfeed that makes it possible for companies to analyze and monitor what the media writes about in an efficient and easy way. The service is based on a subscription model, allowing the users to be notified as soon as a relevant article is published.

“We read everything from the major newspapers down to the smallest local newspaper. The user gets a notice immediately after an article is published” – Andreas Krohn, Product Manager MyNews.

Founded by Gustav Ekberg and Andreas Krohn, MyNews was a part of the Helsingborg-based Think’s accelerator program in 2015. Mynewsflash will be launched in Sweden in January 2017, with the goal to monitor and provide news from all across Europe to its users within 2 years.

In order to finance the launch and further developments, MyNews now receives a 1.2 million SEK (≈120 000 €) investment from Helsingborg-based Preventic Future (subsidiary of Preventic Group). Preventic Future aims to support companies in their early stage and help talented entrepreneurs to transform their innovative startups to successful companies. In addition to the investment capital, Preventic Future will also assist with their expertise within areas such as public relations, finance, law and marketing.

“It is all about getting the right help at the right time so you can take the next step forward, so that the company can develop” – Gustav Ekberg & Andreas Kohn