Helsingborg based company – the Proposales has received an “Innovation and Design for All” award, which is awarded by the National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS). In addition to the honor, Proposale has also received 100,000 kronor ( € 10,000) for developing its digital tools of online quoting. As Joakim Green, the founder of Proposales, says to 8till5.se:

“We will use the money to make it even easier for companies to  send nice and available quotes.” 

Interesting to note, that just over a year ago, Proposales was also among the winners of the Post and Telecom Agency’s innovation competition. Back than PTS rewarded three winning projects with more than four million kronor (€ 410 000).

What it is all about?

Proposales is a Swedish mostly self-financed startup, that consists of less than 10 employees. The main aim of the company is to revolutionize the digital quotes sphere in a similar way as Spotify in its time shook the distribution of music.

“Since the companies began to digitize quotes into pdfs, nothing important has happened in the last 20 years. We want to change this by creating a better sales flow for all involved, “says Joakim Green.

Unlike static quotes in pdf format, Proposale’s products allowe their users to make their own changes in the quotes. It’s all about creating, sending and monitoring quotes online with the emphasis on visual experiences on the mobile.

“Our aim is to reach those who really want to sell with feelings. As a customer, you do not want a quote that includes a number of item numbers that you need to consider. Thus we offer a great product experience through quotes on your mobile. In this way, the buyer can make business decisions easier, and the seller experience growth in sales,” states Joakim Green.

The Proposales are becoming more popular every day, and today it finds new users all over the world.

“There is definitely interest in what we do. Today we are work mainly with large companies, but our product also suits perfectly smaller business players.” says Joakim Green.