Since August 2012, video startup Retelly has been a platform which lets its users discover and share cool and relevant videos in beautiful, simple, and meaningful ways. Known as an online video magazine, it draws in a young and hip, culture-obsessed crowd. With its plentiful array of video categories, there is something for any viewer to find and enjoy. Videos short and long alike can be explored.

5 million unique visitors in Q4 have propelled Retelly forward. They are now putting much energy in developing the service. New features have been introduced on the updated platform and the future of the site has been unveiled. The page has been updated with a new layout, better functionality and personal video clips for all Retelly editors. It is worth noting that this is just the first round in a wide range of new features which will be launched on Retelly later on this year.

“5 million unique visitors in Q4 showed us that Retelly has the potential that we all together thought from the beginning. So now we are beginning to invest heavily in developing platform. From being a video site Retelly will now evolve to be a platform and personal video magazine.” Jacob Quist Boll, co-founder at Retelly.

The new features can be viewed in the video above.