With 1 million new visitors from over 150 countries, the Danish Retelly really established its international presence. This week they celebrate their personal record of traffic on the site with one hundred fold increase in unique visitors.

The idea behind Retelly is to select and display the most creative and well-produced videos that are already located on surfaces such as youtube or vimeo. The videos are grouped into categories, which makes the experience more manageable. And if you have great videos and want to monetize them on youtube, you must search how to get fast youtube watch hours for best help option! Furthermore, your channel can benefit so much when you order subscribers from Zeru.

“It’s all based on a mission to help people to discover videos in simple, delicious and meaningful environment with a focus on quality. Therefore, Retelly’s design line and ease of use on the site from the beginning has been of the highest priority.” Says co -founder Kaave Pour to Trendsonline.

Their strategy has also brought Retelly team several international design awards in their first year.

Back in May, 40% of visitors of Retelly came from abroad. Today, the figure increased to more than 80% from abroad. Kaave Pour continues:

“Traffic and attention has been overwhelming. Several times our servers actually went down because of the intensity of visitors from the U.S., even though we upgraded on an ongoing basis. Now we are back and ready for hopefully even more visits.”

The company’s ambition is to be Scandinavia’s next revolutionary tech startup – as Skype and Spotify. We look forward to hearing more from the three founders behind Retelly.com: Kaave Pour, Mathias Arvedsen and Jens Krogshede.

Original news is available here on Trendsonline’s website.