The Malmö-based family-owned investment company, Sandberg Development, has announced it is now the largest owner of water technology company Watersprint.

Watersprint has developed a water purification technology based on ultraviolet light from LED lamps. The technology is scientifically established and neither chemicals nor filters are required to remove viruses, bacteria or pathogens from the water, contributing to a more sustainable society.

“Access to clean water is a challenge for society today. We have continuously invested in innovative companies that increase our knowledge and opportunities in varied and complementary technologies. Watersprint’s technology is scientifically established, energy and cost-efficient, and easy to use. As a long-term and stable owner, we want to help this technology gain a foothold in various applications, especially where it is difficult or costly to find clean water today, and in industry to ensure that process water is purified, in order to create a positive water cycle,”

says Stefan Persson, CEO of Sandberg Development.

Watersprint was founded in 2013 by two engineers and two professors from Lund Faculty of Engineering. The company offers water purification using ultraviolet (UV-C) radiation from LED lamps. These are based on the development of blue LED, an invention that earned the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics. The technology is energy-efficient and enables clean water without adding chemicals or using filters. Watersprint’s products are currently used to purify drinking water in motorhomes, boats and restaurants, and to remove Legionella from showers in hospitals, sports facilities and other public properties.