After launching in San Francisco in March, the social app Plane hits a messaging milestone and garners press from across the globe, including the LA Times, as well as tech features such as Product Hunt and a global feature by Apple.

Plane offers a simple yet refreshingly clean approach to social communication, and the ephemeral mechanic of Signals disappearing after 24hrs keeps the experience very much ‘in the moment’. Users respond to Signals and can then get into a ‘Convo’ chat which acts as a private one-on-one chat room. Then, you can exchange details via Social Cards within the app that are customizable and integrated with social handles like Snapchat and Instagram.

The social startup based in Founders House at Startup Village in Copenhagen hit the 1 million milestone after only 2 months after launch.

“Plane has evolved into a global icebreaker. We’re spending a lot of time talking to users and one of the things they enjoy the most about Plane is being able to connect with new people anywhere on planet in seconds. Apple featured us on the front page of the US Appstore, which is the best accolade you can get and brought a lot of new users. The one million messages shared between them is a testament to us being on the right track.” says CEO and co founder, Tim Allison.

The team plans to expand on the Android platform later this year and have been hard at work optimizing an app that sees users visit from all across the globe. 55% of the user base is from the US, followed by India with 11% and then the UK. Plane recently received an Innovation Loan from Seed Capital after securing angel investment last year led by Hampus Jakobsson.

“Semi-anonymous communication is compelling. Plane has been likened to the early days of Twitter and Reddit. We are building something ambitious. We’re off to a good start but we’re just focused now on growing the platform with our users.” said Allison.

Plane is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod Touch.