As exciting and interesting it is to live abroad, this experience often comes with challenges. For example, communication, contact and building of relationships can be quite a pickle in a new place. Plane is an icebreaker app for expats in Scandinavia built to solve exactly those challenges.

“We built Plane to address an itch I had when working in Switzerland last year and having to commute every week. I want to connect, reach out and engage with new communities but I don’t want to use a dating app! Plane is not for dating! Everybody is building apps for millennials. But there are millions of people out there who aren’t teenagers but want to use engaging social products. Plane is a non-swipey solution exactly for that,” says Tim Allison, one of the co-founders.

Apart from insights about living abroad, Plane co-founders have important experience in the tech and business fields. Previously Tim Allison built and sold Cupple to YC Alumni in 2013, and Thomas Jacobsen was the co-founder of Kiggit app, a Startup Bootcamp Alumni. Together, Tim and Thomas run a company Darling Dash, where Plane is one of the products in their portfolio.

Over the summer, the two founders discussed how they want to build the app and already moved into the Founders House, with the assistance of an international moving company.

Combined expertise also helped the team with raising angel money from Hampus Jakobsson, Noemi Kubiak and Topp Studios. Plane launch is scheduled for October exclusively for the Copenhagen area. But so far the app is also available in private beta with users sending ’signals’ daily to the community. If you are tired of facebook groups and meetups, give Plane a try. Find the sign up link here.