Spintop Ventures, Malmö-based investment company, has raised 11,4 million euro securing second round of investments which will be focused on young tech companies (source). The money comes from both regional and international sources among which Lindéngruppen, Scalado founder Sam Niemi and AddPro entrepreneur Nicklas Persson.

Spintop Ventures was founded four years ago by Mats Johanssen, Erik Wenngren och Finn Persson. Initial assets of 3,4 million euro were invested in 6 companies that included Finnish SkySQL and Øresund startup Verifyter. During the investment period companies’ sales rose from 5,7 million in 2011 to 31,9 million last year and are expected to reach 51,3 million this year (source).

“Based on how it has gone, our model works and we can now build on,” says partner and co-founder Mats Johansson to Rapidus.