This weekend Startup Weekend Oresund was held, what has been said is only a first,

As is common at startup events like this, the energy was buzzing – teams where evaluating business ideas, researching competitors, designing prototypes. Unusual was the setting – being arranged on board the ferry between Sweden and Denmark – between Helsingborg and Elsingor. The ferry departs every 20 minutes, which makes for a setting where you every hour are both in Denmark and Sweden – and gives a sense of time passing that a normal event space cannot really create.

I’m on a boat

The location was fitting – the 60+ participants had the upper deck for themselves, while on the lower decks the daily traffic and passengers passed by, unknowing of what happened upstairs. Except when some of the teams broke out to do some costumers verification or get feedback on their ideas.

The participant where from both Denmark and Sweden, but also from a lot of different nationalities. Roughly 10% where danes, 10% swedes and the rest from all over Europe.

“We are really happy that we have such a international event” Rune Gregers Meyer said, organiser.

54 hours

The presentations by the teams being held on sunday, after 54 hours of business development, prototyping and collaboration, where on a wide variety of themes. Ranging from service for exchange students and expats (Wise Start), to betting service for events (Betcha) to trucks loaded with technology to be used at schools in Africa (Tech Truck). Winner of the event however was Travel Mate, a service for traveling together with people you might not know.

Presentations were also given by Martin Miehe-Renard on the first day and Benedikte Kiær, mayor of Elsingor on the final day. Also very interesting that both Scandlines and Coca-Cola had presens of high level, and in general a great support from many organisations around it.

We at oresundstartups were not directly involved, but I myself was active as a Mentor. I look forward to the next – this one was a good foundation to build on.