As a joint initiative by THINK accelerate, THINK Open Space, Sopact, Venturelab and Nyföretagarcentrum, the kickstart of the StartupLaps Day will take place on Sept. 26, 2017 at Mindpark premises in Helsingborg.

The StartupLaps is a meeting event for those who are willing to join an accelerator, i.e. one of the above mentioned organizations, which can have a role as incubator, to get support at any stage of their startups. It is an opportunity to pitch, mingle and share experiences as well as impressions with other entrepreneurs about different kinds of startups.

“A startup begins with a tangible idea”

“It will be quite enough for the participant to have a tangible idea to be introduced to the attendees and to see then if it can be realized. Those who will attend the event are supposed to have similar ideas or at least the ambition to bring their ideas to reality. The event can even give a possibility to create a network of the same relevance”, says Rebecka Nilsson from THINK Open Space.

The event will gather those who successfully launched startups, those who work on launching startups and even those who are simply interested.

The day will start at 08:30 AM (Mindpark main hall) and will be followed by voluntary lecture(s). After breakfast, participants, both individuals and organizations, will introduce themselves, giving ideas and experiences in relation to the event.

The day will continue with a lunch break at Mindpark cafeteria. In the afternoon, the participants will have the opportunity to get tips on how to get the chance to practice their skills in this field.

The event will end by inviting participants to a kind of competition, followed by serving refreshments.


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