The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the hospitality industry represents a massive threat to the survival of restaurants around the world, causing a great deal of worry for everyone in the industry. Many restaurants are forced to close down, leaving restaurateurs worldwide with no source of income and ultimately the risk of shutting down their beloved businesses.

The challenging situation forces restauranteurs around the world to make drastic changes.

“In these tough and unpredictable times, it is imperative for restaurants to try to think out of the box and find other ways to generate revenue. We see more and more restaurants encouraging their guests to support local eateries in the form of buying takeaway, gift cards or prepaid dinners. We experienced a huge increase in the number of restaurants who contacted us asking for our takeaway and gift card solution and we immediately felt that the only right thing to do in this situation was to give it for free. We feel obligated to help. We owe it to the hardworking people passionate people who dedicated their lives to provide us with superb guest experiences. They need all the help they can get at this point.” says Zaedo Musa, CEO & Co-founder of Superb.

Startup Superb was founded with the sole purpose of making sure restaurants around the world have access to the tools they need to work smart, provide each guest with a great experience, and grow their business. Unfortunately, restaurants are among the businesses that are affected the most by this crisis with no incoming reservations.

However, there are consultants for health and safety in the restaurant industry that can provide measures on health and safety policy up to industry standards that any restaurant business must comply.

“To help restaurants adapt to the new situation, we are launching a corona support program, making it easy for restaurants to undertake new creative initiatives and minimize the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. Our support program enables all restaurants worldwide to use our platform to sell takeaway and gift cards online – free of charge. We want to help restaurants to “flatten the curve” of lost income from Covid-19 by making it easier for people to support the restaurants they love in this challenging period” says Zaedo Musa.