Superb, the Copenhagen startup that is an all-in-one platform for restaurants, announced a new category: Guest Experience Management (GXM). GXM enables restaurants to gather all their tools in one platform while collecting actionable insights about both the business and guest to improve performance and provide each guest with a more
personalised guest experience making them come back.

“We started Superb because we had a vision of a world where restaurants had access to the insights they need to provide every guest with a personalised experience, build relationships and increase revenue.” says Zaedo Musa, founder and CEO of Superb.

Today restaurants use multiple systems to manage their daily operations, making it hard for them restaurant to connect the dots and access insights about your guest and business.

“For restaurants to be successful today, it’s crucial to have a consistent understanding of each guest to stay relevant and continuously provide each guest with a personalised experience, making them come back and share the experience with their friends and family. Restaurants that collect and have access to insights about their guests and business will be more likely to succeed in the new era of hospitality.” says Zaedo

Superb’s GXM platform gathers all the tools to run a restaurant, such as Reservations, POS and Payments in
one platform.

“We’ve already seen restaurants worldwide transition into becoming more and more focused on collecting actionable insights about both the guests and business, but the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated that need for restaurants to become more data-driven. Restaurants need to have a complete overview to cut down on necessary costs and optimise performance everywhere possible.” says Zaedo.