This week Founders Alliance announced the ten nominated for this year’s young founder, one of their founders awards. Among these ten, three are from Helsingborg, something unprecedented and making the city more represented in Sweden then any other, except Stockholm.

  • Sandra Jönsson, founder of Wellbefy. A leadership-tool to analyse and manage employee experience. The most important KPI for human capital success.
  • Anton Nakic, founder of Bon Cena a family business that has made it possible for every supermarket to have its own Croatian delicacies section.
  • Azddin Benberkan, founder of Quickbutik an e-commerce plattform aimed at smaller businesses.

Helsingborg’s start-up scene has been growing a lot recently and with co-working spaces such as Mindpark, Hetch and E-commerce Park, as well as established accelerating programs the city is providing inventive people with a lot of opportunities to try-out ideas, develop, network and succeed.

The winner of the founders award will be announced the 24th of September at Entreprenörsgalan in Stockholm!

Read founders alliance press release: Founders Alliance

Transperancy: The founder of this site is associated with both Wellbefy, Mindpark and E-commerce Park of Sweden.