With a recent certification from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan), several partners and a new app based on smart data collection, health tech startup Wellbefy becomes the first digital player to truly challenge traditional occupational health care. The startup offers digital occupational health (digital företagshälsa)as a cloud platform that, together with partners, helps organizations to promote continuous health and work environment work.

Through continuous digital measurements, which can be complemented by medical health checks, Wellbefy’s platform provides a holistic view of each employee’s wellbeing. This makes it possible to discover new types of correlations between different parameters and thus offer customized suggestions to employees to strengthen their well-being, such as programmes, exercises and articles. If needed, occupational health services are also provided, such as counseling and digital doctor visits. The more data collected, the smarter the system becomes.

Wellbefy has also recently been approved as an organizer of occupational health care by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. This means that the company’s customers can receive grants for rehabilitation support and preventive measures carried out via Wellbefy.

“We are now gathering everything under the same umbrella and becoming the first digital player to really challenge traditional occupational health. A big difference is the data collection that allows us to be more proactive and accessible to the employee. Through the app, we can provide recommendations and support directly to the entire organization – without going through HR,

says Sandra Jönsson, co-founder and CEO of Wellbefy. 

Through the platform, HR and managers can also book services directly with Wellbefy’s partners. These include Ljung & Sjöberg (proactive drug management), Competensum (HR partner in work environment and rehab matters) and Envicon (work environment technology). Other expertise is available internally and via psychologists and behavioral scientists who have been involved in developing the platform. 

“A holistic, data-driven and promotional solution is complex to develop and something that has been missing from the market. With the help of smart data collection and collaborations with health experts in all necessary areas, Wellbefy can now offer just that,”

says Sandra 

Wellbefy is based in Helsingborg, and has a range of customers, including Länsförsäkringar, Sembo and Malmö LBC.