Sweden is one of the hottest startups countries right now, and Internetworld reveals Sweden’s hottest digital entrepreneurs of 2013. It’s a small showcase of what’s going on right now, and who to keep an eye on in future. Is one of these the next worldwide or niche success story? With 3 startups from the region present in this list, we hope so! We find Foap, InvivoPlay, and Brisk in this top list.


The social photo app people (who we’ve written a bit about here already) take place number 3! Congratulations Foap!


This social life coach web site and app company was founded in 2012 by Malmö entrepreneurs Tina Yildirim, Miha Pulko and Maja Dahlin Lundbergh. InvivoPlay is the business of life improvement and positive psychology. The platform lets users take on challenges to their meet goals, guided by experts and people with valuable life experiences. It’s a movement to create a happier world – a fresh and positive initiative blending the backgrounds and passions of its founders – with tech, psychology and fun, and takes place number 12!


Dexplora, the B2B behind GetSalesDone (and TAT before that) comes in at number 21 with Brisk.io, an app service that works as interface between CRM system Salesforce and an Iphone. Sellers can update data directly by mobile. They’ve got bigger plans to make the service compatible with additional CRM systems. A very handy idea for improving usability of often-neglected CRM software products.

Stockholm cloud based 3D scanning tech company Volumental took place number one, but be sure to check out the full list for a glimpse at a lot of cool startups.