Minc is a platform for growing companies and people with high levels of competence with connections to different business sectors. The three Minc activities are based around the Minc/Incubator, Minc/Workspace and Minc/Meetings. Minc is owned by the City of Malmö and doors its opened for business in January 2003.

Earlier this month Minc celebrated as 8 companies go onward from the incubator program in autumn 2013. My News Desk press release tells how Malmö City Business Development Director Pehr Andersson, along with Minc CEO Mårten Öbrink, thanked the entrepreneurs and founders with flowers, chocolates and applause from all the guests at their celebration event. Information about 6 of the companies follows.

Green Furniture
Founded in 2007 by Johan Berhin, Green Furniture Sweden produces sustainable design furniture for public indoor spaces. They are pursuing sustainability on three different levels: through design and production of thier own furniture, through activities and via informative events.

Mazily was created by Lajku AB, a small start-up company foundeed by Paul Ulvinius, Jonas Dahl, Magnus Jönsson, Olle Morin and Kristoffer Säll. Mazily is a dating site that targets an urban culture and interested audience. It was recognised as the best Swedish dating site in 2012, and is a meeting generator, an online version of your local indie pub. It’s a platform for initiating contact and meeting new people, as well as getting out on the town to local events.

Snabboteket makes it possible for you to get your urgent ailments alleviated when you need it, where you need it. It’s a mini-pharmacy idea to make medicines available on the go, on trains, ferries, in airports and hotels. They offers prescription drugs and personal care products in smaller portion packs, at the checkout line and product displays. Founded in 2011, behind Snabboteket is Johan Bergenholtz, Jacob Lönroth and Filip Larsson.

ZippyEster inspires and encourage a smarter economic life. ZippyEster want to collect anything related to your personal finances such as customer clubs, budgets and pension issues in one place on your mobile. ZippyEster has big ideas, including CSR and helping particularly for women and children in vulnerable environments. Founded by Christina Olseni, the team behind Zippyester found each other through social networks and contacts.

InvivoPlay is an innovative coaching tool that connects you with experts from all over the world and helps you tackle your problems, achieve your goals, and live a happier life. It’s a Facebook-integrated social game that combines your virtual and real life, to improve your health, social, wisdom, spiritual, wealth, based on science of positive psychology and fun. Its main purpose is to utilize popular trends of social gaming and use them to increase society´s well-being. Founded by Tina Yildirim, Miha Pulko and Maja Dahlin Lundbergh, InvivoPlay was recently named in the list of Sweden’s Hottest Digital Entrepreneurs of 2013.

Designed by Jepson
Founded by Mikael Jepson, DesignedbyJepson makes fun, simple and functional designs.

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