Quickbutik, one of the fastest growing e-commerce plattforms in the Nordics, is launching a groundbreaking AI product for e-commerce. This makes Quickbutik the first e-commerce platform in the world to offer AI fully accessible to all e-commerce merchants.

“Quickbutik AI will revolutionize how small business owners can succeed online. Today we are taking the first big step in how we implement AI as part of our platform, to help more entrepreneurs achieve their goals more easily and quickly than ever before,”

says Azddin Benberkan, CEO of Quickbutik.

Quickbutik AI makes it possible to automate many of the tasks that can otherwise be time-consuming and complicated, so that e-commerce merchants can focus on what really matters: creating value for their customers.

The first step called Content AI, which launched earlier today, means that with the help of AI merchants can automatically produce product texts, category descriptions, blog posts and SEO-adapted texts with the click of a button directly in the platform. But this is just the beginning. With step two, Structure AI, which will be launched later in 2023, and soon after that, Insight AI, the e-commerce game will change forever.

“AI is here to stay and for us it’s obvious that we should be a frontrunner in developing it. Quickbutik AI will revolutionize the way e-commerce merchants work and means that we completely remove barriers for many entrepreneurs out there who want to succeed with their business idea,”

concludes Azddin Benberkan, CEO of Quickbutik

Content AI is available today in the Quickbutik platform and is included free of charge for all Quickbutik customers. On Quickbutik.ai, you can read more (in Swedish) and see a live demo of the product directly on the platform.

Some of the things that Quickbutik will enable already now with AI:

  • Quickbutik launches a unique AI product that gives small business owners the opportunity to better succeed in e-commerce in difficult times.
  • Quickbutik AI provides entrepreneurs and business owners with free access to the latest AI technology.
  • Quickbutik is the first e-commerce platform in the world that integrates usable AI as a unique solution for e-commerce merchants.
  • Quickbutik AI will revolutionize how business owners can succeed online and automate time-consuming tasks.
  • Content AI allows e-commerce merchants to create professional product and category descriptions, optimized for search engines (SEO) and automatically get suggestions for blog content. To further enhance the impact of these efforts, collaborating with an ecommerce SEO agency can be immensely valuable.
  • Quickbutik plans to launch more steps in its AI journey in 2023, including Structure AI and Insight AI, to help small business owners grow their online sales more easily and quickly than ever before.
  • Content AI is available now and is included free of charge for all 5000 Quickbutik customers.
  • Quickbutik AI is based on AI technology from OpenAI, which also operates the renowned ChatGPT.

Quickbutik is based in Helsingborg, and is the fastest growing e-commerce plattform in Sweden. It was also one of the first startups to go thru the E-commerce Park incubator.