We have previously written about Quickbutik, a Helsingborg-based startup, that provides flexible e-commerce services.

And recently, the startup reported that they have passed another milestone and beat their all-time record – 570 online shops in 30 days!
It is all a part of Quickbutik’s plan: to reach 1500 new shops until March 15th.

So what could have caused such a big increase? According to Azddin Benberkan, the founder and CEO of Quickbutik, it is a mix of various techniques and factors:

“Our growth is primarily organic, because we live and breathe “word of mouth”. We cherish our customers and this results in a positive snowball effect. Then I also think that those, who have been thinking about the next step, have dared to invest in January – it is a month, where several people generally review their business and make decisions.”

One startups failure is another startups gain

One reason for such a customer boom can be that TicTail, another Swedish startup and a popular e-platform, is going to shut down later this year.

“When Tictail announced that they should be closed down, their customers […] actually got two options, to move to Shopify who bought up Tictail or to choose something else. Then we were ready to strike and signal that we also exist as an alternative. […] We made a campaign specially designed for the customers who got caught up, and quickly noticed a fairly large wave of customers coming over to us.”, says Azddin Benberkan.

Furthermore, Quickbutik aims to pass over €1 million in sales in 2019 (in previous year they passed €350 thousand).

“We are currently working on something big […] Without saying too much, it is one of the biggest upcoming news and changes for how to think platform.”

In addition, the startup is moving to larger offices and we are growing expecting to expand their team by at least 5 more employees.

Source: Ehandel.se.