Tonsser, from Copenhagen, is a social app for youth soccer players. The app started a collaboration with Nike, which got to be the first brand to get access to the platform. Tonsser has now 380.000 youth players, a change from 100.000 for a year ago. 

“Since the internet, you no longer need to go to Harvard to learn and be educated by the best. You can go to YouTube, masterclasses or see a Ted talk. We believe it should be the same in football where you don’t need to be at the best or most expensive academy to learn and be inspired by the best players and coaches,” co-founder and CEO of Tonsser says to Techcrunch.

Youth soccer players, who might look after growing feet with the right children’s football boots, use Tonsser to build their own online profile and hopefully get discovered by a bigger club. The Copenhagen startup recently raised a new round of funding to be able to expand to the U.K in 2018. According to an article in Techcrunch, the U.K market is a fragmented one, in terms of youth leagues. The app is currently live in France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

The startup has raised €2.5 million in new funding. Backing the round are existing investors Wellington Partners, SEED Capital, Arthur Kosten (, and unnamed professional soccer players.

The goal is with Tonsser is:

“To become the de facto platform for the next generation of football,” says the Tonsser CEO to Techcrunch.

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