Boost launches a new series called FOCUS. This series is in English and centers around the development of Danish startups. The Focus series encourages new startups by setting an examples on the highs and lows of startups, as well as representing a showcase of successful Danish startups that have made it worldwide.

It will present Danish startup success stories, such as Podio, Endomondo, Tradeshift, Zendesk, Unity, Just-Eat, Vivino and many more.

The first article the FOCUS series revolves around Endomondo. Endomondo was created in Copenhagen, but is now successful in over 20 countries. Endomondo is a GPS tracking app that traces the users work-out, connects the user to their friends, and analyzes the training. The founders, Mette Lykke and her co-founders Christian and Jakob, started out of their apartments using their own savings. Eventually, they secured money from a Danish business angle for the first round, using the money to conquer the American market. After some experimental time on how to make more money for the Endmondo business, Mette and her co-founders finally agreed on selling a Pro version of Endomondo, and providing Premium accounts. At last, their new business model which focuses on providing support to companies to make exercising more attractive to their employees, Endomondo can be proud of a growing user-base, being a leader on the fitness market, and ultimately a role model for Danish startup businesses.

We think this is a great initiative, and are looking forward to the upcoming articles! This is a great way to encourage developing startups on their long way to success, and to receive valuable advice from successful startups. Read the full one about Endomondo over at TrendsOnline.