For the second time, Nordic Growth Hackers opened the doors to Founders House in Copenhagen and invited all interested individuals to an open event about online business and marketing.

“Growth hacking is a very large and very interesting tool box, that you can apply to your online business” says Morten Elk, Founder of SimpleSite, presenter of the event

For this event, six speakers were invited to tell the audience about their companies marketing; tools that worked well and the obstacles they had to overcome. The speakers of the evening were:

About the event

The speakers had about 15 minutes each to tell the audience about their experiences. They all spoke about various considerations and choices they’ve made in hope to make the company grow. Some choose to talk broadly about their experiences, while others went into detail. Common feature of most of them was to point out the importance to find a niche in order to make the company grow.

“You need to find a niche and do it differently from everybody else. It doesn’t really have to be better, but just differently” says Ture Dahl, Endomondo

For those looking for inspiration for their own business or are generally interested in different approaches in marketing an online business, the events organized by Nordic Growth Hackers is strongly recommended. Also, on their homepage you can find a collection of resources that are regarded as interesting and instructive for online businesses.

Did you miss the event? The event was filmed, so in the near future you will luckily be able to find it online on the YouTube channel, where also the previous videos can be found. And take the opportunity to book the next event even now; on April the 23rd the doors will open to a new and exciting event organized by Nordic Growth Hackers!