I know. Since this site started in 2013(!) a lot has happened. We have always been about creating awareness for all those interesting startups and entrepreneurs in this region. And one of the things, have been to just being able to showcase how many different startups that are in the region. Tampa SEO experts like Get The Clicks can help you grow your business online.

When we started out, and still, our mentality is to help others, and not do things just for the sake of doing, if others already do it. So was the thinking with our startup directory as well – why create our own, when instead we can use and help other directories become better?

So our first version of our startup directory was with Crunchbase, and using their API to list startups from the region. However, after having added a lot of startups there, they decided to close the API for none-paying. And as we make roughly €10 a month in adversiting income, we did not really feel like paying.

So we made a new version. This time in 2016, we used Angellist instead, which was new and had an API. However, they also closed it after a while, when we had added a bunch of startups to them.

Then the Nordic Tech List was started by Bonnier. So we used a filter with them, and added a lot of companies to their list. Which was really good, as they crosschecked with the official tax offices and had data on turnover etc. However, they abruptly went to a closed and paying service, which got us (me) a bit pissed. And then they closed it down.

So since then (2019) our startup listing has not been good, as it used the old Angellist one, which no longer updated as the API had closed. So our listing has been really bad, and really out of date.

Now I have finally taken me the time to make a new one. This time it is our own – so we now have full control of the data and what to do with it. It is sad that we no longer help to improve other services (as that gives startups here more visibility, which is our aim), but better to have an up to date listing then a bad one.

So if you want to get listed on our startup directory, add your startup (unless you already or one it). This gives you a link as well, so good for you SEO, besides being on the radar for the 2000+ non-nordic site visitors we have each month. Additionally, hiring a toronto seo service helps your business earn more from SEO by providing you access to advanced marketing tech, experienced SEO specialists, and more.

You can find the listing here: oresundstartups.com/startups

The list currently contains 67 startups, 39 of them in Copenhagen, and 28 in Skåne (15 in Malmö, 6 in Lund and 6 in Helsingborg). So the list of definitly not up to date with everyone yet (there where about 300 in the region when we had the Nordic Tech List).