The Danish company Vaavud has developed the world’s first hand-held wind meter for smartphones. By attaching the Vaavud Wind Meter to your smartphone, you will get information about the current, average and maximum wind speed. Naturally, Vaavud is optimal for those dependent on wind, such as kite surfers and sailors, but also golfers, hunters, fly- fishers and generally people outdoors can benefit from this gadget.


Now, the Danish Venture investors SEED Capital and Nupark- Accellerace Management are investing approximately € 940 000 in Vaavud.

“We are very pleased to have received a venture investment, because it means that we can focus on our long-term objectives rather than on our short-term cash flow. Specifically, we can now recruit to further accelerate the development of new features in our apps, engage our user base additionally and to broaden the general familiarity with our products,” says CEO and Co-founder, Thomas Helms.

Vaavud is now looking to spread it’s business to include all types of weather data collected across the globe through people’s smartphone. This, a crowd sourcing of collecting weather data, will create a more dense data foundation and lead to more accurate local weather forecasts. Additionally, the forecasts can be combined with images and comments from users in real-time.

The future does seem bright for Vaavud. Recently, the company also received the prize as ISPO Brand New finalist at the world’s biggest sports fair ISPO in Munich.