Tine Thygesen today announced in a blogpost what her future will be, after she last year stepped down as the CEO of Everplaces.

A new adventure

Tine announced that she will be joining the Colego team, as their new CMO. The startup just raised € 2 million, and are heading into a strong expansion period.

Colego is a market place for local services, where people can easily be connected with the best fit for professional assistance, whether it is for a gardener, getting their roof fixed, a new cleaner or many other form of professional assistance. Colego has shown strong growth, and has over 44 verticals for different services.

“My job [as CMO] at Colego is essentially to create a recognized brand and use that to bring in sufficient traffic, convert this to tasks submitted and fuel the business engine. It’s a rare luxury for me to be able to focus on only one side of the business and being able to delve into commercialisation with all its facets.”

Now the next big step for Colego is expansion outside Denmark, with Germany as the first market.

“Going into the German market is a challenging task I never underestimate. The hardest is to cut through the noise on such a big market, especially as a non-German company of small size.”

Everplaces and Founders House

Tine has been a strong spokesperson for the startup community in the region over the years. As the CEO of Everplaces she traveled the world to different startup events. She is also a key player in Founders House, and the subsequent Startup Village that has formed around Njalsgade.

“I will remain involved a shareholder in Everplaces, but am no longer involved with the running of the company. I will also remain on the board of Founders House, which also takes care of the coordination of Startup Village”

We wish Tine the best on her continued journey!