Today the VIP over VoIP (“Very Important People over Voice over IP) concept was announced, arranged by Neil Murray (from Silicon Drinkabout fame).

The concept is rather simple: get important people from the international tech scene to talk aver Skype / Google Hangouts or similar, with entrepreneurs here.

“The concept is to have Very Important People from tech speak to the Copenhagen entrepreneurial community via VoIP. By hearing directly from giants of the tech world about their experiences, successes and advice, my hope is it will inspire and educate Copenhagen entrepreneurs to reach the levels of success our guests have.” Neil says.

VoIP service allows us to have intimate chats with people on the other side of the world, people who previously would have been inaccessible to the community, that will now be seated right in front of them ready to talk with them directly.”

Each guest will be live for an hour, with approximately 45 minutes of the guest talking, and then 15 minutes for an audience questions and answers. Topics covered by guests will typically be their “story”, as well as them providing value, insight and advice to the audience. It will focus on the tech entrepreneurial and startup scene.

Next guest – David Heinemeier Hansson from Ruby on Rails

The next guest was announced today: David Heinemeier Hansson, also known as DHH. David has no smaller track record then being behind the Ruby on Rails framework, Instiki wiki and being a partner at 37signals!

This event will be held Thursday 16 January (2014), at 17:30 — 20:00 (Copenhagen time). This event, as well as upcoming events, will be held at Rocket Labs, a co-working space and incubator in Copenhagen, Nordvest.

“In terms of future guests, I have set the bar incredibly high with these first two, but my goal is to be providing guests of this calibre every month.” Neil continues.

The event with David Heinemeier Hansson is actually the second VIP_VoIP session, but the first one under that name. Neil was also the organizer of the Brad Feld VoIP talk in october, which he sees as a first event of this concept. We where at that event ourselves, and it was a great way to have “a chat” with a prominent person in their field, and to be able to hear their thoughts and ask them questions. We look forward to this next one! For better VoIP services for their business one can check out this web site.

If you want to keep up to date with upcoming guests then follow VIP_VoIP on Twitter and Facebook for the latest info. And of course, sign up for the next event here.