The next VIP over VoIP event in the series will be with none other then Eric Ries, the author of The Lean Startup. An event that surely will draw big crowds, Eric and the Lean Startup movement being highly regarding by many both seasoned and new entrepreneurs.

Great guest – but also on new ways
The event will also be in collaboration with Clarity Live. Clarity Live is redefining the future of business by connecting top leaders with up-and-coming entrepreneurs. This is includes renovned speaker such as Brad Feld, Tim Sykes and Jeremy Shoemaker. Besides Eric Ries.

The event will also be shown not just at Rocket Labs, it will also be shown at the THINK lean startup incubator at Mindpark – what other place would be more fitting.

The event will be the 22nd May, starting at 19.00. Registration is done over – the Rocket Labs event or the THINK event.