Copenhagen based Virtuall has announced they have a sweat equity investment from VNTRS, a venture studio in the New Nordics. Virtuall is a startup creating an immersive retail experiences in the Metaverse. Virtuall uses AR and digital wearables to connect fashion brands with digital playgrounds, aiming to enhance the customer experience and promote innovation and sustainability in the fashion industry.

VNTRS supports early-stage tech startups with sweat equity, helping them build their product and business. The collaboration between VNTRS and virtuall aligns with the mission to turn innovative ideas into successful ventures.

“Not only will 3D fashion enhance the customer experience but also promote rapid innovation and sustainability by reducing the materialistic waste produced by physical fashion.”

says VNTRS announcement

The fashion industry’s move into the digital era, driven by companies like Virtuall, is expected to be valued at over a trillion euros by 2030. This partnership showcases VNTRS’ dedication to investing in and working closely with startups that have the potential to shape the future of various industries, including fashion and technology.