Wallmob recently introduced a new POS (point-of-sales) stand for the Ipad. The stand is a snap-in base, which allows a sales clerk to quickly grap the iPad if he/she wants to help a customer on the shop floor’.

Recently the firm raised 1M Eur in a seed funding round. Wallmob now focuses on the European market with customers such as L´Oreal, Armani and the Red Cross. However, the firm says to Techcrunch that the firm is interested in an international expansion.

The simple, classic Danish design is ment to help the mobile POS market forward:

“90% of all our POS clients have pre-ordered the stand, and we believe that the stand will help retailers adopt mobile POS much easier.” says Wallmob CEO Ken Villum Klausen to Techcrunch.

Some say that it´s just a stand, but it may well help the retailers with a better shopping experience for the consumer.