Earlier this week reports came that Click-a-taxi will change name to Drivr. With the change comes a new iOS and Android app. They will also start with a ‘flat rate’ for rides to and from the airport in both Copenhagen and London, TV2 reports.

Also new is the option for premium cars. In similarity with Uber and other services, it is now possible to book a more exclusive car instead of just a normal Taxi.

“We are introducing for the first time in Denmark a ‘flat rate’ and pay via the app. If you are going to the airport in Copenhagen, you can now get a fixed price before the trip starts by putting the airport as your destination.” says co-founder Søren Halskov Nissen to Trendsonline.

A lot bigger then Uber

Drivr is currently active in 50 countries, over 5000 cities and have over 300 000 cars available world-wide. This makes them on of the biggest “taxi app” startups. Also very interesting is how they compare to Uber, who have gotten a lot of startup attention and funding, recently from Google Ventures. Uber currently only has 21 cities, although all of them are major cities the difference is still huge!