Sep 21, a decision will be made in Lund about who shall take home the Venture Cup prestigious prize “Startup of the Year“.

Only two weeks are remaining, and the suspense has hit its peak for fifteen startup-companies that were qualified to the finals.

The decision shall be made by a well-known jury. The fifteen candidates are going to pitch next to the jury to select the winner. Among jury members are Candy Peoples VD Jacob Youssef, Nordnets CTO Tuva Palm and Elisabeth Brevensson, founder of SMS-service Beepsend.

The winner of the title “Startup of the Year” will receive SEK 150 000 (ca. € 15, 700) as well as two intensive mentorship program, which is set by McKinsey & Co and SEB, worth SEK 1,5 M (ca. € 157,300). Christian Laurintzen, chairman of Venture Cup jury, describes the relevant work process:

“It is quite exciting to be in a jury. The image is changed steadily while going deeper in problem presentation. Experience and knowledge of jury members, who are very capable to address difficult questions, will contribute in either raising or lowering the degree at the competition. In many times, the work even results that the competitors leave the competition with new important insights, which can make their ideas better”.

The event will be held at the University House in Lund and presented by the comic Johan Wester. Successful startups, as well as representatives in the fields of innovation, nutrition and risk capital, will attend the event. Julia Salender, VD at Venture Cup is awaiting that evening:

“The final stage of Venture Cup is our “flagship” and a fantastic ceremony, where our team is going to celebrate a big entrepreneurship. The mixture of such exciting people usually gives the opportunity to mingle with each other. The event is like pulse-measuring to know what would be important and trendy within startup branches. This is absolutely the top point”.

The competing entrepreneurs are looking forward to that evening. One of them is Meiju Vartianinen from startup company Mowida:

“To be at the Venture Cup in Sweden is for me a big dream that came true. It is actually a unique opportunity to meet a group of entrepreneurs, who are keen on developing their activities. At the same time, I will, jointly with my team, give a presentation about our mutual dreams and visions to interested people. It is quite fantastic”!

One of the most exciting moments at the event is that the fifteen startup companies will be right there at the scene. The public then will select their favorite entrepreneur by a live polling. The winner will be rewarded by SJ with one-year business trips on the first class.

Daniel Colunga, co-founder at Mimbly, is one of those who were qualified to the finals. He expressed his gratitude for having the chance to participate in Venture Cup:

“Although that this is not our first time to participate at the competition, it is still a special feeling to be at the Venture Cup. To reach the finals is really an important factor that gives a kind of aftershock, even months after declaring the winner. In brief, we are extremely glad that we have been long time in the competition and that we get the chance to give our message to more people”.