Microsoft is to invest an amount around three-digit millions to set up a research-based developing center within quantum mechanics at the University of Copenhagen.

Both Microsoft and University’s researchers shall produce the first quantum computer in the world, which is supposed to be much faster than today’s computers, according to a press release issued by the University. The cooperation agreement, which shall be valid for years, stipulates that the work shall be launched from the Center for Quantum Devices (Qdev) located at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen.

In addition to the agreed amount, which is allocated for setting up a purely new physical “Station Q Copenhagen” (one of four centers being supported by Microsoft in the world), Microsoft is also going to support the research in this field. According to the press release, the agreement explains the mode of how the licensing rights shall be shared between the two partners. Microsoft will also station 15 employees at the quantum center in Copenhagen.

The quantum research at the University of Copenhagen is helping to place the Danish research on an “elite class”. This can be seen today, as a giant IT-company like Microsoft, selects Denmark to set up a developing center.

“This is, indeed, a fantastic example of how the University can make a valuable work in collaborating with international business sector”, commented the Danish Research Minister Søren Pind.


Source: News Øresund

Photo: By University of Copenhagen. Professor Charles Marcus will be pivotal in the collaboration between Microsoft and the University of Copenhagen.