Startup Woodsense, known for its moisture monitoring solutions in the Nordic region, has announced its rebranding to Tector. This development follows the company’s successful application of its technology beyond the timber market to include a variety of building materials such as flat roofs.

Broadening Technological Applications

Originally focused solely on the timber construction market, the newly named Tector has adapted its sensor technology to monitor moisture across different building materials. These sensors help in detecting excessive moisture levels within structures, aiming to aid in the early identification of potential water damage.

“We’ve seen a need in the industry for broader applications of our moisture detection technology, particularly with challenges related to flat roofs. Adapting our solutions to meet these needs was a natural progression for us.”

says Jeppe Rasmussen, CEO of Tector,

Strategic Rebranding

The name Tector, derived from “detector” and “protector,” signifies the company’s goal to offer products that help protect buildings from moisture damage. This rebranding reflects the company’s evolving focus and its approach to integrating its technology into a wider range of construction projects.

Tector’s technology has been implemented in several notable projects, including the new Mary Elizabeth Hospital in Copenhagen and the Olympic Village in Paris. These projects utilize Tector’s systems to monitor and manage building moisture levels effectively.

The company has also formed partnerships with major engineering and construction firms, leveraging these relationships to refine and enhance its product offerings.

Construction Industry Challenges

In modern urban development, managing moisture in buildings, especially those with flat roofs, presents significant challenges. Moisture problems can lead to structural issues that require costly interventions. Tector’s systems provide data that can help in addressing these issues promptly, potentially reducing the impact of water damage.

With its rebranding to Tector, the company continues to support the construction industry by providing moisture detection solutions. The focus remains on adapting and enhancing its technology to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Tector remains committed to its mission of helping to safeguard buildings against moisture-related damage through the use of its monitoring technology.