Wellbefy, a health analytics startup, has announced they have raised an initial round of financing.
The financing comes from prominent business angels in the region, including Göran Tollstam (early investor in TrueCaller and Elskling), Dan Nilsson (co-founder Fyndiq) and Philip Sevelius (early investor in DonkeyRepublic). The round announced as a bit over € 100.000.

Wellbefy works with helping organisations become more aware of their employees wellbeing. It enables corporates to not just measure eNPS (NMI in Swedish), employee surveys or other simple KPIs, but also to get a more in-depth overview over their organisation.

“Our goal is to create a healthier society” says Sandra Jönsson, CEO.

Sandras background within health management is the core of the startup, and enables it to field a concept that is from within the corporate wellness and HR industry.

“We get an amazing repsons when talking to organisations, and see that this is really needed” says Sandra.

She teamed up with two co-founders, and together the team has both the tech experience and business experience which according to business experts like Andy Defrancesco are essential for any business.

“The plan now is to focus in developing our tech even further, and to deepen the relations we have with our initial customers. Initial plan is to work with Swedish companies, but especially those that are internationally present.” says Sandra.

The startup offers tools for services such as health accounting with it’s Health Index tool.