Fitbay, the startup that has a novel solution for finding the right sizes when shopping online, recently announced an investment by Creandum and Jesper Buch. Creandum, who has invested in Spotify as well as multiple local startups, and Jesper Buch from Just-eat and now fame, are both heavy names in the industry.

”We are proud to support the team behind in their vision to solve the biggest pain in online clothes shopping today.” says Martin Hauge, General Partner at Creandum

The investment, which is $ 400 000 (€ 290 000), got the startup a lot of attention. Both TechCrunch and multiple Scandinavian tech sites have written about it.

Fitbay recommends clothes in the right size without using measuring tape or analysis software. Instead it connects people of similar body shapes into virtual networks based on their height, weight, and body types. This creates the basis for a social shopping experience where inspiration and discovery happens with your body doubles. It is both a social network and a crowdsourcing site for finding the right clothes.

”Today it is not convenient to buy clothes online. A large part of purchases result in a trip to the post office in order to send the product back to the store. Customers do not want to risk buying clothes in the wrong size and as a result they stop buying clothes online altogether. We want to bring convenience back to online clothes shopping by helping users find clothes that fit both in size and style.” says Christian Wylonis, Founder & CEO

With return on clothes being as high as 50% for some online retailers, finding a good solution to this problem is a good business opportunity. Multiple startups have tried, but Fitbays unique take on the problem is a novel way of doing it.