Investment Lab Copenhagen 2013 is an event that sounds a perfect match for entrepreneurs who want to learn more about how to run a funded startup or to succeed with future rounds of funding after their seed round.

At the event a collection including VCs, business angels and entrepreneurs will talk. Events where VCs talk can sometimes be a little bit too much self-glorification, but judging from the line-up and organizers behind it we think this event will focus on what is important: sharing knowledge about making and recieving investments in startups. Information that will be of great value, especially for anyone not totally familiar with the VC market and how to raise money.

Great line-up
The prominent people sharing information are: Tommy Andersen from Libratone (about being a local angel with global experience), Heini Zachariassen from Vivino – (about being an entrepreneur and raising money), Martin von Haller from Bird & Bird (who will speak about demystifying the VC term sheet) and Jakob Ekkelund from SEED Capital (who will talk about being the earliest VC in Scandinavia).

There will also be a role game which features Martin von Haller, Jimmy Fussing from Sunstone Capital and Klaus Nyengaard, which sounds like a very interesting show!

Fills an important role in the eco-system
We think this is a great initiative: there still is a big shortage of good places to find information about why and how to raise money, how the “startup journey” looks and, especially, what to avoid when raising money and how to not take on bad investments (which seems to be a problem especially in the seed / business angel round in this region). It should also be very interesting for business angels, to get more knowledge of how others are doing investments and what to look out for.

From the sounds of it this should not be missed! The event is free, but there is a no show fee. The event is held together with StartupBootCamp, Accelerace and Bird&Bird.

Date: Tuesday, October 8th, 15:30 – 19:00 (afterparty starts at 19:30)
Location: City Hall, Rådhuspladsen, Copenhagen
Tickets and more information: Here