Starting anew: Pinstriped launches new beta

The challenges of running a good meeting are probably familiar to everybody. To improve this experience Copenhagen-based startup developed a service called Pinstriped. It started off as an app that gives professional look to your computer screen during the meetings. But now, two years later since the initial launch, the product has taken a different […]

Copenhagen Startup Village revealed!

There really is something brewing in Copenhagen! Founders House, an invite only co-working space, has for long been the most known startup palces in Copenhagen. This week it was announced they will move to a new location. But this location will not just be a much larger and grander Founders House – it will also […]

The 4 finalist from Internet i Fokus startup section

Internet i Fokus, one of the bigger conferences in the region this spring, is traditionally aimed at small and medium business and improving their knowledge in all areas digital. However, this spring, the conference organizers decided they wanted to use the conference to help promote and empower startups as well. Therefore a completely new startups […]

More media attention and more users! Pinstriped gets more recognition

Ever since I learned about Pinstriped, custom interface that sits over the top of computer desktop to hide personal content, I got really critical of presentations I see. Whenever a professor or presenter makes a hassle during the presentation switching back and forth between slides and different folders, I always think, “man, they could make […]

Always professional, always organized: Pinstriped launches its beta version

Earlier this year we wrote about Pinstriped, a handy tool that can make your computer screen look professional just with a click of a mouse. Well, good news everyone, first run of Pinstriped beta is now available for Mac. Windows version is on its way as well! During the first couple of days after the […]