Want to develop and evolve as an entrepreneur? Need a chance to push yourself and test your skills? Then Grit Malmö is the solution for you. Grit Malmö is the new accelerator created by a joint collaboration between Drivhuset Malmö and Arbetsförmedlingen.

The program starts in October for newcomers. The aim of this accelerator is provide participants with guidance in a short and intense period of time, test and realize their business ideas, and help them launch their service or product to market.

“Many of the new arrivals are entrepreneurs and have experience from their home country to run a business. It is their valuable competences and resources that we want to take advantage of, “says Sofia Franzén, CEO of Drivhuset.

The idea for a new accelerator in Malmö occurred when Drivhuset met with Arbetsförmedlingen to talk about what needs they saw among the new arrivals.

“We have seen a need for a new accelerator in Malmö focusing on new arrivals. Many of those who come here in recent years carry their dreams and ideas they want to implement. With Grit Malmö, we hope to give these people a platform where they can test their ideas and spark new projects and businesses, “says Sofia Franzén in Drivhuset’s News

Grit Malmö will last for three months in the fall and will begin from Malmö City Library. During these months, participants will work with their business ideas as well as take part in lectures and workshops.

The application process is now up and running and Drivhuset together with Arbetsförmedlingen will work over the next week to hand-pick 20 delegates for Grit Malmö program. It will be exciting to see what kind of talent Grit Malmö brings forth in the startup community.