Web Manuals, a former startup based in Malmö, is now the world leader in aviation document digitization solutions. During these hard times for the aviation industry, the company is launching a freemium package for aviation startups, to boost innovation as the industry emerges from the COVID-19 crisis.

The initiative, available for free until the end of the year, is designed to support startups working in aviation by providing them with access to Web Manuals’ all-in-one document management system, enabling budding companies to go digital with company manuals from the start.

The package contains all the features of Web Manuals’ ‘Essentials’ payment plan, including access for five readers or reviewers, two editors and a choice of one compliance library with up-to-date aviation rules, all free of charge. Alongside this, users will be provided with complimentary onboarding, ensuring new customers can begin digitizing documents straight away.

“Web Manuals was once a fledgling technology startup bringing something disruptive to the aviation industry, and innovation is still at our core. We see that the aviation industry needs support in recovering from the pandemic and therefore offer our freemium package to startups who have registered since March 2020. In this way, we want to help build the aviation businesses of tomorrow” Martin Lidgard, founder of Web Manuals

Web Manuals allows aviation businesses to digitize their compliance and regulatory documentation and manuals, meaning any updates can be completed and distributed across a company instantly. This ensures that as regulations change, all members of a team have access to the most accurate information possible, improving efficiency and safety in an organization.

“Providing free access to Web Manuals will help start-up operators get their initial approvals and certificates as quickly and easily as possible. This will leave time-poor entrepreneurs to focus on developing their offering for the industry.”

Users can opt-out of the package at any time before November 30th, 2020 without being billed. For more information, visit: Web Manuals’ Startup Freemium