Danish Blueprinter became a recipient of yearly Enterpreneur Award for developing a unique 3D printing technology. It took a few years for former students from DTU to build a global company with the goal of developing and selling their 3D printer called Blueprint, reported in Ingeniøren. The same team has also developed a 3D printing pen, which was yet another breakthrough in the same year. You can check out the specifications of the pen here in this 3d pen review.

The essence of the new printer technology is that it uses a thermal printhead as opposed to a laser in SLS machines. The thermal printhead applies heat on layers of thermoplastic powder in the build chamber and allows free forming of any complex geometry.

Blueprint’s target audience includes professional engineers and designers, architects, educational institutions and companies that produce physical products. It is estimated that there are about 3000 companies in Denmark alone that use 3D printed items.

There is increasing demand for the 3D printing technology and 90% of Blueprint sales take place outside of Denmark. This figure is expected to increase to 95% in the upcoming time. Within the next 24 months the plan is to expand sales to 100 different countries and have a minimum of branch offices in the U.S. and Asia.

One of the things that impressed the panel of judges was how far Blueprint has reached within a short period of time:

“Blue Print is a classic entrepreneurial company of modest means that has been able to develop and patent a new technology for 3D printing that can take on the best.”