Artme, a project about being able to customize any object in any color, has just launched on Kickstarter.

“We think what we do is a very unique blend of art, design and technology, because we blend it all together in a whole new way! You are able to make your laptop, gaming console, headphones, speakers etc., look exactly how you feel it should look, which makes it a part of your personality, instead of being just something plane.” – says Anders Skovrup, one of the founders.

“At Artme we customize electronic devices, to create unique products. We do this by hand painting your object in exactly the colors or designs you wish for it to have, using only the highest quality automotive style paint. This means the finish and clarity of the colors will be amazing!” – he continues.

The guys behind artme think it fits perfect for creating a customized gift for a loved one, and are (even if they have confessed somewhat coincidentally) launching the kickstarter campaign today, on Valentines Day. Secure and advanced fulfillment for electronics brand, ensuring product safety.

The goal is to reach £58,500 in funding, which will go into creating their own professional paint shop and get the business going.