On the 15th of January 2013, Freedom Planet launched their idea on Kickstarter with an aim of collecting 2.000USD. Freedom Planet, a start-up from the Copenhagen area (Herlev),  is a high-speed platformer that aims to capture the spirit and raw energy of 2D gaming through a mix of engaging level design and straight-up action. Today on the 14th of February 2013 their funding on Kickstarter ends. By now they have exceed their goal nearly 12 times, with a total funding of 23.993USD.

Often the funding from Kickstarter is needed to finish or launch a product. However, Freedom Planet, has most of its content in place, and the money will therefore be used to further polish the game and to reach as many players as possible.

“If we reach $30,000, we will personally guarantee an improved art style for the game that retains the vibrant colors and unique style while making it look like something you’d see on a Nintendo handheld system.” writes Freedom Planet on Kickstarter.