Hittahem, a Malmö startup focusing on house and real estate listings, has taken Bonnier as a major shareholder, with 49% of the shares.

Bonnier, founded in Copenhagen but now a Swedish media conglomerate, owns many of the biggest Swedish brands such as: Sydsvenskan, Dagens Nyheter and Dagens Industri.

“This will make a significant difference [for us]. Our vision is to increase mobility in the housing market. Previously there was only one way to sell your house [in Sweden] – through Hemnet. We are a new way to get sales going. Being able to work with Sydsvenskan creates credibility and additionally local ties.” CEO, Mathias Bergman Werntoft said to Sydsvenskan.

Behind the deal is however some controversy. Resumé reports that Mathias from Hittahem perviously received a 5M SEK loan from Sydsvenskan thru Johan Ståhl, former CEO at Sydsvenskan. According to Resumé the deal is in parts or in whole financed by converting the dept to Sydsvenskan to shares. They could however not get an official statement on that.

It is also not clear if it is Bonnier directly or Sydsvenskan as a subsidiary that takes the equity.