Swiss Tamedia, which also owns the Danish commuter newspaper Metroxpress, announced that it has bought the majority of the shares in Trendsales.

Trendsales is the largest service of it’s kind in Scandinavia, focusing on new and second-hand clothing and textile. Trendsales can boast with having more then 1 in 10 Danes as a customer.

According to TV 2 Finans information Tamedia bought 88 percent of the shares for a ‘nice’ double digits million euros. The amount makes it one of the larger Internet sales seen in Denmark – even if there is a long way up to the largest Danish sales Karsten Rees sale of the Blue Avis to eBay for over 250 million euros, which took place just before the financial crisis broke out in 2008.

Shopsonline reports that the acquisition will give Tamedia access to an attractive audience of younger women who tend to use the site. One of the new owner’s goal is to expand Trendsales further in Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

The sellers are the former QXL-owner, Ricardo, who sells of 70 percent of the shares, while the founders of Trendsales Bo Eriksen and Martin Falslev Andersen, sell an 18 percent stake, but will retain the remaining 12 percent in the company.

“We are pleased that it became Tamedia. We will further develop our domestic market in Denmark, but also help other companies with our know-how of online payment services.” says Rasmus Goth Angel of Trendsales to TV 2 Finans.

The story originally appeared on, a news media focused on e-commerce and online shops in Denmark.