During COVID-19 outbreak and isolation, the reports of domestic violence increased rapidly. This is the effect of the isolation and stress on society. A Copenhagen and Swedish based team has started BrightAct, that offers the victim of domestic violence one gathered location to find what they need.

With the app they have been both part at #hackthecrisis, GlobalHack and now the EUvsVirus challenge. In all of these they have gotten a high spot, and have now been selected as the winner in the Political and Social Cohesion track. EUvsVirus had over 2.000 ideas, from over 20.000 participants.

The app will be tailored in partnership with global and local help organizations to match the needs of the victim. Local authorities and Governments can connect to BrightAct to offer integrated support. Digitalizing support as a service, to save lives and save public expenditure.

“We are launching the BrightAct application in Sweden first, then scaling across Europe and the world. With the help of Governments and support organisations, our long-term plan is to build a security net to fall into no matter where you are in the world. If you travel or if you stay in one location. A white-label global solution to support the user wherever and whenever.” says Copenhagen based Elinor Samuelsson

The app has a lot of features that are important in situations like these:

  • The app is disguised as an ordinary application
  • End-to-end encryption data storage
  • Forms to report incidents of violence
  • Education about violence and questionnaires
  • CBT training

On top of these there are also some features that require that the app is officially launched in that country, which initially is Sweden. These feature will be:

BrightAct functions as a free service to the victim. No cost for the victim and the team says huge savings for the global economy to address this problem in a more organized way. The effects of implementing BrightAct could be extensive. In the meantime, victims can cope up with the help of products like CBD Oil UK. For some people looking for perfect formula to gain better health, this Zilis UltraCell full spectrum hemp oil is the right one they should look for!

“There is a dire need to stem the global pandemic of domestic violence. BrightAct offers a unique digital platform that both supports and increases the protection of the victims, as well as services the societal institutions responsibility to act in the best interest of the victims”. says Rolf Skjoldebrand, Co-Founder The Non-violence Project Foundation

One important aspect with an app like this security, something the team has taken very seriously as well.

According to BrightAct the Cybersecurity of the app and its data privacy are two aspects that are in the core DNA of our BrightAct platform. They built the app using “security by design” principles, and make sure the content uploaded in the app is encrypted and stays safe on device and server. It is an GDPR compliant, open-source and open to independent security audits process they say.

The team is dedicated to releasing this application and taking it further then just an idea, because they see a huge need of streamlining public services that are already available. By the release they hope to change how the world works with this problem. With the bigger goal to save more lives and change the future for children living in households where domestic violence is present.

If you want to help out, their are currently looking for legal support and marketing skills. Also, any connection to governments around the world are welcome, to get more countries active.