Copenhagen based startup PackitUp, that is a social network for travelers, has during these times changed their product to help out during the crisis. They have taken these weeks to create BringHero, where people can help each-other.

“If one can leave their home and want to help someone, they can post a help offer with their location on the platform, wait to be contacted by a person in need of help, and deliver what they need at their door.” says Ira Leino

It also has a part for those that cannot leave their home.

“If one cannot or should not leave their home, but need something involving going outside such as groceries, medication or to walk their dog, they can look for help offers in their area, contact the person who posted this offer and have the item dropped off at their door by the helper.” she continues

Changed their existing platform

The team turned the travel app PackitUp into BringHero specifically to help.

“The platform is completely free to use and functions worldwide. To be clear, we will gain no profit in any way, we just wanted to turn our app into something useful and helpful, as a travel app cannot really be used currently.” she continues

Here is a link to the platform: