Last week eValent, e-commerce provider, was already on the news with the announcing that they have found a new investor. This time, the promising startup is making headlines again revealing that their new investor is none other than Hossein Sadr. Hossein Sadr became famous a couple of years before, when he turned CarpetVista, a small carpet-selling company, into the largest online carpet shop in the world.

The question that is floating in the air after such news is: what eValent has that carried Hossein Sadr away to become a part of the team? According to the investor, the startup indeed captured him:

“EValent, its employees and its achievements impress me. I am sure that my knowledge and experience will help eValent to achieve their aims. At the same time, I also hope that I will be able to contribute a lot to the future development of the company. It feels both exciting and honorable to be a part of a such outstanding project.” – says Hossein

The founder of eValent, Runar Wahlgren, is also very happy to add Hossein Sadr to the team:

“We are extremely proud to have Hossein Sadr. Having such an experienced entrepreneur on our team is a great advantage. I am sure that this will be a good match.”

EValent is an e-commerce supplier, that delivers e-commerce services and products in a form of pre-packaged or tailored e-commerce solutions. Since its foundation, the company has been growing steadily. As for today, eValent consists of 28 employees and has a turnover of over 28 million kroner (3,7 million euro). Having Hossein Sadr on the team, suggests that the company is ready to take on the next big step.

“Now we are going to find developers who want to work in an innovative and eventful environment. I am looking forward to the journey we are about to start. And of course, I hope that bringing new people to our team will only strengthen it.” says Sara Ali, CEO of eValent.